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The perfect solution for those who want to sell

People like making purchases online. It is covenient and nto time consuming. The number of users that purchase online is increasing every day. Perhaps your company also needs to consider the creation of its own internet store. The user audience is practically endless. You will definitely find your customers within the net.

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Advantages of

Your goods will be available for buyers worldwide

Detailed list of products, convenient navigation and ease to purchase will attract more and more new visitors to your website

Users will like the opportunity of to purchase without leaving home and will return to your company, which cares for the convenience of its customers

A popular internet-store serves as advertising that does not require large expenses

Your customers will be able to purchase around the clock; the purchases will attract even more new visitors to your website

Offering the option of home delivery in your internet-shop, you will also increase your rating among potential customers

Functional options:

  • Short or detailed information about the store and the company

  • Information about the working conditions of internet-store: payment and delivery options, promotions and discounts, special offers to wholesale customers

  • Convenient product catalogue with the option to select goods and transferring them into the basket

  • Company Contacts

  • Convenient and understandable management system, that will enable you to change information on the website, add or remove items in the catalogue

  • Synchronization with the merchandise data base

  • Possibility to select and sort the merchandise by groups

  • Discount accounting system and implementation of partnership program

  • Possibility to create and printing of invoices, money orders

  • Option to reserve goods

  • System of distribution of registered users’ rights

  • Option of electronic money transfers and credit card payments

  • Loading of requests into the accounting program

  • Option of reviewing order history and status of current order

Our specialists can offer you the development of an individual project as well as a website with a finished design. The possibility to offer own goods online will turn into the perfect solution for the company and significantly increase the demand of your goods and services

Ordering INTERNET-STORE by us, you can be sure of the unchanging quality of the results.


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