The modern advertising is, first of all, a creative and strategic thought, and only then the professional skills and knowledge.

Today, those who spend their advertising budget in the best way will not necessarily become number one, but rather those who find new mechanisms of interaction with future customers.

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Context advertising

Context advertising — is a tool that allows you to bring information about the services your company offers to the users in the fastest way. The advertisement message appears as a response to the request in the search engine, and is interpreted as a natural result without causing a negative reaction.

The advertising on the Internet allows to get an instantaneous effect and to develop a new product or service very quickly because of the detailed setting display areas and other options of the targeting.

Tasks that the context advertising solves:

Attracts customers interested in purchasing a good or service on the website;
Allows to advertise the product or service effectively at relatively low cost;
Segregates the audience. Due to the large number of display settings, you can "cut off" the irrelevant audience and pay only for the target visitors.

To provide a constant flow of new customers and increase the popularity of your brand, ask the specialists of Witty Digital for help. With the aid of the precision planning tools and project management, we develop the most effective advertising campaign.

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Search Website Optimization or SEO

The Search Website Optimization or Search Engine Optimization — is a wide complex of works on the website content, as well as the setting of different elements and modules of outside look. This is how the maximum convenience of the website use is achieved.

Great attention is paid to the efficient optimization for the website's visitors; however, performing a competent optimization of the search systems is a significant factor as well.

SEO is very important as an advancement channel. If your website can’t be found, indexed, and properly interpreted by the search engines, the chances of having good sales are very low.

Order the search optimization to solve the
following problems:

Attracting clients to the website, who are interested in purchasing the goods or service

Potential customer flow to the website

Increase of attendance to the website due to its high positions

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Differences between search optimization from other advertisements

Search systems are one of the most effective tools to constantly attract new customers: 5 of 6 internet
Attracting target customers with the help of SEO is significantly cheaper than with the help of media or context advertising;
The search results are interpreted by the network user as a natural result, and not as a commercial advertising.

Differences between search optimization and other advertisement

The definition of SEO is changing; to get the best result, the processes are also changing with time. That is why we are introducing you to the SEO 2015.

Each year, the website requirements set by search engines change; this means that our promotion technologies must also change. Every year, we review our set of tools in such a way, that it always complies with the latest requirements made to the websites in order to get higher placements in the search engines results

  • Larger audience scope

    Choosing key phrases, we orient ourselves towards phrase effectiveness, by which the users cross over; we take into account the specifics of the audience, analyze the business and special terminology, slang. We form semantics relevant to the website content.

  • Analysis of phrase effectiveness

    We study the ratio of conversion for the potential traffic and effective phrases before starting the advancement. It allows to avoid unnecessary expenses on ineffective phrases, which can be found after the many months of the promotion.

  • Controling the appearance of technical issues

    Automated control and audit of existing technical issues: virus infection, loading of spam content, technical problems influencing the correct indexing, phishing аnd behavioral spam. All this will allow to fix issues promptly, avoiding sanctions and limits in ranking in the search systems.

  • Processing commercial factors

    We call commercial factors the following: a famous brand, a wide product range, availability of representations, competitive prices, payment options, usability, the design, the quality of service rendered . We do the analysis using all metrics and offer only any required improvements. One part of the changes is performed by the agency, the other part is only within the scope of the customer.

  • Formation of the content strategy

    The content strategy is a decision about what,how, and to whom it should be said on the website. This is content creation planning, its presentation and management. The form of a content plan for a period: a quarter, a half-year, one year , depending on the task.

  • Technical audit of the website

    The technical audit of the website includes around 40 ranking factors. It allows to form a detailed technical task to improve the website and to remove any risk of sanctions from the search systems.

  • Link Building

    We organize the long-term link strategy that excludes sanctions or limiting in the ranking by the search systems. The gradual refusal from the link aggregators allows to select the platforms to place external links in the Organic Link Building focus.

  • Work with behavioral factors

    Making the website convenient for the execution of macro-conversions is our main mission. For that purpose, we operate with various tools allowing a walk through the whole conversional way with the user to see what difficulties he/she encounters in the process of achieving the main goal.

  • Audit of the external link mass

    We perform the audit of the number and quality of donors, work on the variety of the anchor list, set up the purchasing and collecting strategies, the competitive audit of the link strategy.

  • Work with the context factors

    We set a vector of content development, theme and frequency of advertisements. We audit the content spamness, its readability, utility, availability of tag design, and call to action. That allows to attract an extra and noticeable portion of the target audience in the search systems.

  • Work with the landing page

    Auditing and eliminating technical issues on the landing page that hinder the execution of a target action. Formulation of calls to action. It allows to significantly increase the conversion of visitors into purchase orders.

  • Analytics based on the project KPI

    We determine the most effective key words using the metrics of macro and micro versions: CPC, CPO, CPL, Average Transaction, ROMI. This allows to understand the business indicators of the website and assess the strategy of the advertising campaign.

The increase in the attendance of your website is the qualitative performance of the SEO optimization, which is capable of providing your resource with a stable flow of users who search your goods or services through the searching systems.

By turning to the specialists of Witty Digital, you can certainly count on an excellent result and guaranteed high placements of the website in different search engines. We are happy to offer you the professional website analysis by different parameters and an individual approach to the question of optimization .

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Consulting and analytics

The companies that have their own web resource have frequent questions to its effectiveness. Very frequently it happens that a user leaves the website after having spent just a few minutes on it, and sometimes – only a few seconds.

  • What is the reason for this behavior in users?
  • Perhaps the website takes too long to load?
  • Maybe, the customer can't find useful information righ away?
  • Or he/she gets turned off by the text difficulty?

Examining the reasons for the deacrease of the web resource effectiveness will permit to conduct a corresponding analysis of the site.

We can conduct:

SEO-audit of the website

This analysis allows to assess the quality of the search optimization of your website and to discover its strengths and weaknesses. Based on this audit, the specialists can recommend anddevelop the strategy to improve the placements in the search results.

Besides, the SEO-analysis includes a website usability-audit, because the behavioral factors have a direct influence on the website placements in the search engines.

Website usability-audit

The usability-analysis (the effectiveness of the website for the users) allows to make an assessment of the cnvenience of the web resource. The analyst will research the users' behavior, find the usage scenarios of your resource, test the loading speed of it and a set of other technical tests.

Based on such audit, we give you recommendations on how to improve the appearance, user experience, and convenience of the website.

Marketing audit

It will introduce a complex report regarding the website’s current and probable future effectiveness. This report will allow you to stategize web resource development in the future, it will give an idea of the market situation, placements of competitors, and permit you to define the preferences of the target audience.

After finishing the audit, our specialists will prepare a detailed report for you, based on which it can be possible to set the prior trends in the website development and to increase its efficiency significantly.


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