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About the project:

Israeli Association of medical tourism – the first public and non-profit organization received an official state license to conduct activities in the implementation and development of medical tourism in Israel control over it, as well as the implementation of measures to promote this sector and strengthen the image of Israeli medicine at the international level. The Association of Medical Tourism Israel is committed to the union health clinics, working in the field of medical tourism and explicit criteria,

in order to help foreign patients with the choice of the place of treatment on the basis of objective factors.

For this reason, it was created the concept of a site that introduces all future patients with the necessary information about the clinics, doctors and medical services.

Project team:

Mark Geldman
Natalie Markovich
Ariel Gordon
David Kan
Maria Lemberg

b2 Израильская ассоциация медицинского туризма
b3 Израильская ассоциация медицинского туризма
b4 Израильская ассоциация медицинского туризма
b5 Израильская ассоциация медицинского туризма

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