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About the project:

“This house is a new architectural design, which makes eco-friendly retreat from the modern world. Combining intelligent technology with elegant sophistication, this design creates a natural habitat, which had virtually no impact on the environment. ”

Design studio “POD Space” uses the approach used in product development, creating the “distant, isolated, intellectually beautiful house”, which combines technology and minimalist aesthetics, together fueled by solar energy.

In developing the site, we paid special attention to design that speaks of transparency and openness of the company and the philosophy of their products. Easy navigation and feedback – hints at the usability of the manufacturer. A fast loading pages – says that the company appreciates the time client.

Project team:

Mark Geldman
Natalie Markovich
Ariel Gordon
David Kan
Maria Lemberg

u2 Eco Buildings - POD
u3 Eco Buildings - POD
u4 Eco Buildings - POD
u5 Eco Buildings - POD

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