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About the project:

The Polish company DOM Plus SUPPLIERS HEREBY Finnish wooden houses. Unique high-tech materials, professionalism and individual approach to each client – these are just some of a number of advantages of the company DOM Plus.

DOM Plus has a rich collection of beautiful and functional homes. In addition to the variety of types of projects, Dom Plus offers services for the creation of individual projects in which the company strives to meet the most exacting taste and help to realize the most daring ideas, and the ideas of the future owners.

Website created for Dom Plus remembered their sleek design and usability. On this site a pleasure to be on such a site would like to come back again.
Website for Dom Plus was created for further development, it is well optimized, easily understood by search engines and quickly reaches the first delivery position in the region.

Project team:

Mark Geldman
Natalie Markovich
Ariel Gordon
David Kan
Maria Lemberg

p1Поставщик деревянных финских домов - Dom Plus
p2 Поставщик деревянных финских домов - Dom Plus
p3 Поставщик деревянных финских домов - Dom Plus
p4 Поставщик деревянных финских домов - Dom Plus

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