About the project:

BourBon&Co – the concierge service in French riviera of France. The main value of the company – comfort of clients. As became our main objective at creation of new Landing page.

We showed all company services on one page, and made everything that to the visitor was conveniently and pleasantly to be on the site. Created the friendly interface and adaptive design. Developed a new logo and uniform corporate style.

Landing turned out compact and informative. It is available in three languages: Russian, English and
French. As a result the customer had easy, bright and excellently stylish site.

Project team:

Mark Geldman
Natalie Markovich
Ariel Gordon
Denis Lagoda
David Kan
Maria Lemberg
Victoria Yurchuk
Artem Kyba

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ji3 BourBon&Co
ji4 BourBon&Co
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