Full value branding —
from product essence and name to a full graphical "packaging".


Our agency’s basic competency is the creation of brand products and service brands from scratch. Starting from a brand audit, we create its platform, then find or develop its key features that will be really valuable to the costumer

List of services provided by our agency

  • Brand audit
  • Development of brand name (naming)
  • Writing the brand book
  • Designing visual brand image (company lable style)
  • Design of company lable style carriers
  • Writing guidelines for the usage of the company lable style (guidebook)
  • Design of packaging/lable
  • Development of a creative concept
  • Design of printed /external advertisement
  • Development of the concept and design of corporate attributes (calendars, etc.)
  • Shooting and production of advertising videos

+ many other items we forgot to mention here

We develop and implement outstanding, bold, and effective branding solutions that bring profits to our clients.

How we work

In creating or promoting brands, we part from real facts andand requests of modern consumers. We pay attention to the smallest details that may influence the brand’s viability. We become partners with our clients, taking their problems and tasks very seriously; as a result,we help their business to grow in a rapidly changing world.

We start the development ofa future brand after a thorough market and target audience research, and only after that we start creating. Such "recipe" allows genuine creativity and make the brands viable.

The brands we create not only have a successful start, but they also remain successful for many years to come.


A modern and strong brand — A modern and strong brand is a combination of material attributes of a branding project such as name, logo, colour, font, as well as its non-tangible components, — reputation and image.

Main is just non-tangible components, because without these, the brand becomes a simple trade mark - a set of attributes that do not cause any special reaction in the consumer. That is why it's important to turn to those who know how to do it right


First of all, the name itself is not a brand.. Secondly, the fast increase in the number of companies and trade marks makes it absolutely necessary to pay close attention to the development of their names. Coming out into a saturated market, you need to do everything possible not to be lost in a general mass, but to take an individual market share, and find your niche; the first thing that can help is an— original name,that differs from what already exists, that will give a clear vision of the company’s undertakings and whatdistinguishes it from the rest..

The choice of an original name determines not just the company’s desire to be unique. It increases its chances to select the same domain and makes the registration of the trade mark in Rostpatent easier.


Rebranding is a change of brand orientation and its look. This is important. If you decided to update the brand identity, just to make it more modern, so, it will be better to call it redesign or restyling.

If your brand changed its positioning or target audience, then it is just pure repositioning. Yet all these elements put together could be actually called rebranding.


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