How we operate


If you like images but not reading technical tasks, and if your project contains innovations, we recommend that you develop a preliminary interactive prototype. You will see your website in a simplified, graphic form. It allows to plan the interface in such a way, that your project will be very profitable, and attract satisfied visitors and buyers.


The most thrilling phase is the design!
Before starting to develop the design, you and our team will do a full a visual briefing. Together, we will let our imagination run wild, to feel the "spirit" of the project. Afterwards, as a rule from the start, we offer an accurate, strong, and bright graphical concept.

Programming part

We submit the project to our developers, who do a clear and easily assessable work based on the received documentation. At that stage, we check the creativity.

The technical strength of Witty Digital is based on front-end and back-end development departments. Our specialists are programming on PHP and ASP.net, applying frameworks and adaptive design, doing cross-platform mobile development.

We are ready to realize any project for our customers - from the image websites to the high-loaded systems.

Just after the first phases, you will receive a completely operable project that can be presented online, filled up with content and you will be ready to start making money.

Do you have a project? Let's discuss it.
Let's plan and do it!

Quality Control

Each phase of a website development
goes through three cycles of testing

the programmers deliver their tasks according to a pre-approved reception test. It allows to guarantee quality assurance from the first phases of development.

Our QA specialist performs full testing of the project, including performance and security testing.

A usability-test is run by another project manager. The goal is to observe a system from the outside objectively, and to further organize and polish it.

We aspire to have a friendly, partner-like relationship with our customers. For us, openness in informing the customer about potential problems is of the essence.

Just after the beginning of your project, we offer you three entire months of guaranteed technical support.

That allows us to solve problems efficiently, without unnecessary costs and headaches. Also, we provide extra technical and content support to develop your project and perform minor low-priority modifications. Thus, you can update the project operatively. In addition, our specialists will offer you to promote the website with the help of effective methods and on understandable terms.


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